Itís important to conver as many of your visitors into leads or sales the very first time they land on your website, because itís may be your only chance. Between 70 and 90 percent of you website visitors will never return once they leave after that inicial browsing session. The easiest way to increase you chance of generating conversions is by getting those visitors to stick around the longer they stay on your website, the greater the chance of them converting. Here are four ways to keep visitors engeged and on you wensite longer. 1-Place strategic calls-to-action on very page 2- create several exit-intent pop-up offers 3-use engaging visuel content 4- make you content eazy to skim throught Not all visitors going to read your content word-for-word, so if you can get your main points acrross via quick skim, it will greatly increase the chance of that visitor clicking throught to product page or to additional information. 39452
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