At PY Software Web Services, we are dedicated to go beyond simple hosting by offering powerful value added services that empower our users with the tools to build own Internet surveillance control in no time with few clicks of mouse. This service helps to access video on monitoring computer through Internet even if this computer completely protected by firewall. Surveillance computer connects to our web server like any other Internet browser does and firewall doesn’t mention this connection as restricted. Another benefit of this service - unlike direct access to the surveillance computer when all viewers must share single internet connection, this service provides high frame-rate broadcasting to the unlimited auditory because broadcasting is performed from our web server which has high speed broadband connection. Dynamic IP Service If you broadcast from your computer, you should provide your viewers with IP address of your computer. However, if you have a dial-up connection, DSL line, or cable modem, then IP address of your computer changes every time you connect. To get rid of this problem you can use D IP S, which gives your surveillance system a permanent address on the internet. A special web address is reserved for you once you sign up for PY Software Dynamic IP service. Therefore, you can access your surveillance system easily. stealth webcam
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