Who in the subject how to lift buy shares online We can all become small shareholders. If you want to buy shares online, you must first place a purchase order. You should know that there are two ways to do this: buying via a financial institution and buying via the internet. To purchase via an institution, you must first have an account with a financial intermediary such as a bank, broker or online broker. It is also necessary to make a comparison of the offers between the various mediators to optimize the costs. But how do you get into the big game of the stock market? Let us remember first of all that this great game allows us to win, but also to lose money. So you have to know how to choose the right techniques before buying shares. To buying shares on a stock exchange through a financial institution such as a bank, stockbroker, portfolio management company or online broker, here are the essential steps to follow: Knowing how to hold your shares. Determine an amount to be invested. Choosing the best type of stock exchange order: limited-price , at the market, at the best limit, trigger . Write your scholarship order. Transmitting your order on the stock market. For advice and fundamentals, binary options, financial analyzes and market information are usually available for free on divers sites. Elmahala, Egypt?
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